Pedlur is the top middle man in the food distribution industry! We provide services that connect big consumers directly to farm sources with ease. Our purpose is to support local regional farmers, giving them the exposure and credit they deserve. Regardless of your location, you can access local farms and select suppliers from all around the globe. Restaurant owners, farmers, food & beverage directors, etc. Receive assurance and simplicity when purchasing through Pedlur!

Supporting The Community

Enhance the flavor of your food by purchasing locally. It’s a great feeling when you know exactly where your food is coming from, especially when serving the community. Find and receive fresh organic produce from a farmer in your area. Maximize the health and wellness of our planet through practical farming practices.

Creating Connections

Supporting local farmers, means supporting your community. Even though you are spending, it keeps money inside your community which will benefit you in return. When people purchase locally, the revenue keeps circling within the community, eventually filtering back to your business. Don’t give your money away to monopolies, give to ones who deserve it!

Supplying Goods

Pedlur gives everyone access to specialty goods nationwide. Sometimes produce can be out of season in your area, or maybe you want fresh fish from the coastline! We are proud to provide services that connect everyone, everywhere. Explore the world and connect with suppliers nationwide!